Thursday 8 February 2018

Fury as Barnet Council approves Cricklewood Aggregate Superhub

I couldn't be at both the Academy and Cricklewood Aggregate Superhub meeting tonight so here is the sad news from the Barnet Planning Committee as conveyed by Twitter postings:

  1. 30m30 minutes ago
    Barnet Council voted along party lines, 6 Conservative councillors approved the aggregate superhub, 5 Labour against. It passed. We’re furious. How dare they?

  2. This is terrible news for Cricklewood and surrounding areas. Surely it must go to appeal? There are so many flaws in the reports done by Capita and Barnet. We are extremely concerned about increased traffic and pollution. They didn’t listen to residents.

    Really disappointed that Barnet Tories ignored resident concerns from three London boroughs and voted to approve the Cricklewood super hub. Well done to for voting against it, and to everyone that spoke passionately against it this evening!


Unknown said...

What total bullshit is this. Goes against London Plan, Clean Air initiative, HGV emissions. I give up. So there is no democracy, no proper consultations for planning, or cross borough decisions. Both Barnet and Brent need to wake up. What are you doing to our children, local neighbourhoods. Clearly your consultations on every aspect, shaping a better neighbourhood is all bullshit. Greener, cleaner, Air Quality, what happened? Clearly none of them give a good god damn about residents, despite getting our council tax ££s least of our votes!!! Wake up people, Residents, payers of Council Tax. Judicial review should be mandatory. I urge all readers of Wembley Matters, Residents of Brent and Barnet to speak out email your MP's and Sadiq Khan Mayor of London, sort this out.

Sandro said...

Waste of time Jaine, sorry but I gave up long ago with emails to respective parties. We don't live in a democracy I'm afraid, asking residents how they feel & what their opinions are mean nothing & these are just formalities that Councils have to go through asking what residents think when all along decisions about certain projects have long been made & rubber stamped. Sadiq Khan is already the worst Mayor London has ever had, he's more interested in trying to get Donald Trump barred from coming to the UK than he is about local authority matters! Bullshit indeed I'm afraid!

Alison Hopkins said...

The Mayor of London's officers think it's a great idea:

Just make the bloody dump bigger and it will all be WONDERFUL.

What the hell world are we building? The Fellowes Place flats all have sealed balconies because the air is so bad, but hey, you can all go shopping.