Tuesday 6 February 2018

Community prepare for another Queensbury pub battle as new plans published

Proposed development
Rejected development
The  long-running controversy over the Queensbury pub in Willesden Green started a new chapter yesterday when a new redevelopment was submitted by developers.  First reactions on Twitter and Facebook were not complimentary despite the developer claiming 77% of consultees  supported reproviding a pub on the site and 55% provision of new housing. They made great play of increasing the proportion of the 48 flats that are 'affordable' (presumably using up to 80% of market rent definition) from 30% to 35%. Another of their selling points is the provision of a community space on the site.

There seems to be a prospect of 'poor doors' in the developer's statement that 'the affordable housing will be served via a separate core to maximise the prospect of interesting a registered provider...'

However most initial reaction was over the appearance of the development, despite the developer claiming that they had addressed heritage concerns. One person commented:
Is that what they are planning in its stead!! What’s happening to Brent planners they are allowing the demolition of lots of beautiful old buildings and houses across the borough.
Brent is becoming ugly!
Neighbourhood comments on the application (Reference 18/0210) close on March 1st. The full planning application can be viewed HERE

Plan of the proposed development:

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