Wednesday 23 May 2018

FURTHER UPDATE 06.15 Burst water main affecting NW2, NW4 and NW11 water pressure and disrupting local traffic

  1. Pictures from London 999

    UPDATE 06.15 May 24 from Thames Water

    Water supplies have now returned to your area.

    We are working with TFL and have reopened one lane on the southbound carriage of Hendon Way to minimise any traffic disruption.

    We will update this message when there is further information to provide.

    UPDATE 21.00 May 23 from Thames Water

    Our engineers are on site and we're working to restore the water as soon as we can. Then we can begin work on repairing the broken pipe.

    Bottled water is currently being arranged and will be heading to the area. We'll confirm the bottled water locations once they have been confirmed.

    We'll provide an update on our progress as soon as we have further information.

    Update 18.30 from Thames Water

    We've arrived on Hendon Way NW4 and are currently looking into stopping the flow of water so we can carry out a repair.

    We'll keep this page updated with the latest information and should soon be able to let you know how long this repair will take.
    A41 Hendon Way is blocked southbound at j/w Renters Avenue (by Brent Cross Jcn/ ) due to a v.large Burst Water Main. Traffic is stationary on approach with Qs beyond j/w Queen's Road (by Hendon Central LU Stn), are on scene and are on way.
  2. We're aware of a burst pipe on Hendon Way causing no water/low pressure to , and . We're on our way to investigate this now and we'll update you as soon as we have more info

    Update expected by 7pm LINK

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