Tuesday 15 May 2018

'Wild animal' on the loose near Wembley Stadium

Residents of Quadrant Court have been warned not to approach a Harris Hawk that has been deployed by First Port Property Management Services to 'combat the  current pigeon situation.'

In a letter to resident, First Port say, 'You may see him in the next couple of weeks flying across the courtyard or having a break on your balcony. Please remember this is a wild animal. Please do not approach him without the consent of the handler first.'

First Port add that as an additional deterrent they are installing kite hawks on the roof area. These float around in the wind, you may have seen one on the roof of the Wembley Ark,  and are claimed to deter pigeons.

They may have better luck than Chalkhill Primary School where a model of an owl, installed on the sports hall roof to see off seagulls, now regularly hosts a seagull nest between its feet!

In other news, First Port, who faced sharp criticism from residents over increased services charges recently, say they are reinstating the courtyard water feature, renovating the courtyard including new flower planting and investigating a leak in the car park/gymnasium. They apologise to residents for the latter taking longer than expected because the building 'has a complex plumbing system.'


Scott said...

Given the extortionate 'fees' Quandrant Court have been charging the residents of their complex, they're obviously just spending cash on the Hawk out of grandiosity.

Whilst I support rewilding in general, pigeons have much more right to be in that area of Wembley, in what used to be parkland, then the concrete jungle.

Anonymous said...

Ealing Library had a model Peregrine Falcon with real pigeons nesting next to it. Clearly the deterrent doesn't work!! First Port take note, birds have greater intelligence than Property Management Companies.

Anonymous said...

Harris Hawks are an American species. Is this another ploy by Quintain/ Lone Star to Americanise Wembley?

Anonymous said...

What next? Grizzly Bears lurking around the high rise blocks and Civic Centre.

Rosel said...

Is the pigeon situation, that pigeons exist? Poor pigeons.

Michael Calderbank said...

Sadly the hawk has fallen victim to austerity apparently, and has been made redundant by Brent Council