Sunday 6 May 2018

The Tricycle Theatre: 'Keep the Name!' Protest tomorrow (Monday) 11am

There will be a Bank Holiday Monday protest outside the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn High Road against the proposal to change its name to The Kiln.

People who wish to see the Tricycle’s name retained are urged to bring placards, banners etc outside the theatre at 11am. The TV programme London Tonight is expected to be there unless a more important London story breaks.

The organisers say they are protesting for two main reasons. This is what they told me.:

Firstly, there was no consultation: See this comment from one of over 100 people on who have voiced their opposition: 
Just went to the jazz evening at Willesden library cafe. There were 29 people there. Every single one of them signed the petition! All angered at the name change. All wanted the ‘Tricycle’ name to be retained. Most spoke of their annoyance at the change. They were a mixed group of young and mature people, men and women, 14 black people, six of whom were men and one of whom a Rastafarian young man was vociferous in his criticism of the change. The other signatures were white and also of mix gender. I am pointing this out only to show that the theatre and its name is loved by Brent residents of every ilk and to prove that there really is a whole-hearted rejection of the name change! I did not have to even try to persuade a single person to sign the petition.
Secondly, there is no support for it - literally none.  Not one person. It’s a sad case of groupthink by the management of the theatre because we’ve been speaking to hundreds of people for the last three weeks and NOT ONE has voiced support - 1083 have signed an online petition LINK 750 have signed paper petitions outside the Tricycle cinema

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