Thursday 17 May 2018

UPDATED: Tulip Siddiq: Israeli soldiers' action unjustified & inhumane

Tulip Siddiq, MP for Hampstead and Kilburn has released the following statement on the situation in Gaza (please see comments below for a qualification of this statement given to the Jewish Chronicle  by Tulip Siddiq LINK ):
The reaction by Israeli soldiers to protests on the Gaza border over the past week has been as unjustified as it is inhumane. I condemn without reservation these violations of international law and human rights by Israel. The international community should immediately act together to demand an end to the senseless killing, the bullets and the tear gas, and to urge a halt to the bloodshed.

The protest has been twofold - to highlight the shocking conditions which Palestinians are forced to live in and to demand their right to return to their homes. These issues should not be forgotten in the carnage which is now unfolding.

I dearly hope that this violence does not continue over the coming days, and I will be monitoring the situation closely.

I have written to the Foreign Secretary to raise the plight of the killed protesters and will share your thoughts when I have an opportunity. I have also signed EDM 1163 ‘Violence against protesters in Gaza’. I will also apply for a debate in Parliament to discuss this shameful situation, but it will depend on the parliamentary lottery system whether I am chosen for it. If another MP does manage to secure a debate on this topic then I will also raise the issue there.

Yesterday evening Hampstead and Kilburn Constituency Labour Party overwhelmingly passed a motion welcoming her statement ands condemning Israel’s action:

This CLP condemns Monday’s massacre of dozens of Palestinian protesters in Gaza, and the wounding of thousands by Israeli snipers using live fire and expanding bullets. The numbers of unarmed people killed during six weeks of protest, including children and journalists, is now close over 100.

Palestinians have been protesting with the Great March of Return leading up the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel and the Nakba – the uprooting of the Palestinian people as a result of the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. This coincided with the provocative decision by the US government to move its embassy to illegally-occupied Jerusalem.

We believe that these protesters – many of them refugees from areas inside the state of Israel – have the right to return to their homes and lands, as enshrined in UN General Assembly Resolution 194. We call for an immediate end to the slaughter, for Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied territories, for an end to all discrimination inside Israel, and for progress towards a just and peaceful future for Palestinians and Israelis.

We welcome the statement from Tulip [Siddiq], and Jeremy Corbyn’s call for an end of arms sales to and from Israel and urge the widest possible support for vigils and demonstrations called around the UK to demand an end to violent suppression of legitimate Palestinian protests.

We also condemn the attempts of Trump, Israel and its apologists to place the blame on Hamas and away from the Israeli soldiers and their commanders who carried out the massacre. It compounds murder with insult by denial of the agency of Gazans driven to risk death by the vicious nature of the Israeli siege and wrecking of their lives. In particular, we note the statement by Labour Friends of Israel “Tragic events on the Gazan border; all civilian deaths are regrettable. Hamas must accept responsibility for these events. Their successful attempt to hijack peaceful protest as cover to attack Israeli border communities must be condemned by all who seek peace in the Middle East.” We urge the Party to make clear that it totally rejects such sentiments.
Tulip Siddiq told the meeting that she had never signed up for Labour Friends of Israel despite being listed on their website as a supporter.



Anonymous said...

Still nothing to say about her Aunty in Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

Speaking to the JC, Ms Siddiq said she had not intended for the comments regarding Monday’s violence to be released by her local Labour Party branch as a statement.

She revealed she had been responding to a specific email she had been sent asking for her to condemn the deaths of Palestinians on the Gaza border – and that this was then used by a Hampstead and Kilburn branch official as an official statement.

Ms Siddiq said: "I was only responding to one specific question that was sent to me by some activists which asked if I would condemn the terrible loss of life on Monday.

“It was not intended to be used as a statement by anyone afterwards.

“I have made my thoughts on Hamas very clear in the past and I have said they are a terror organisation."

Ms Siddiq added that her email response reflected specific questions she had been asked in the email – rather than her wider view which would have been more balanced.