Wednesday 16 May 2018

Barry Gardiner condemns Israel's 'calculated & cynical disregard for human life'

Downing Street yesterday evening
Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, and a member of Labour Friends of Israel, issued one of his strongest ever statements criticising Israel yesterday.

He tweeted:
There can be no equivocation. The action of the Israeli government has been brutal and utterly unjustified. This is not merely a disproportionate use of force. It is a calculated and cynical disregard for human life. The UN must act.
If you want to support action to help Palestinian children in Gaza there may be a few tickets left for this event on Friday:


Trevor said...

I don't agree with what the israeli government did
but neither do I agree with smoking and yet by strange co-incidence
Barry Gardiner believes that everyone should be free to smoke
in spite of the fact that smoking cost his mother, father and siblings their lives.
Hypocrisy? double standards?
misplaced values?

paula grainger said...

Perhaps none of the above. Not an equal comparison.