Saturday 26 May 2018

Neighbourhood CIL awards published at last

Following pressure from Wembley Matters, the outcome of applications for Round 2 Neighbourhood CIL has been published. The largest single award is £268,000 for fitting out Preston Community Library and Cricklewood Library gets an additional £30,000 folloing the £64,000 awarded in Round 1. Some amounts seem high such as the £45,000 for community wifi claimed by the South Kilburn Trust which also gets £9,000 for street signage.

The Young Brent Foundation which was set up to fund raise for youth projects after the Council closed youth clubs gets £30,000 for a 'Brent Young Peoples Hub'.  It would be useful for the Council to publish the applications in full along with business plans where applicable for the sake of transparency and accountability.

A significant number of the grants awarded are actually to Brent Council rather than community groups including grants to Regeneration, Landscaping and Town Centres as well as for electric car charging points. The Neighbourhood CIL guidelines (1.17) state budgets can't be spent on 'anything that the council or its partners should be doing.'

The majority of the fund goes to projects in Wembley in line with the distribution priorties agreed by the Council which in January 2017 (Round 1) were:

CIL Neighbourhood Fund                                       (nearest £) - as at January 2017
Harlesden                                                                   78,000
Kilburn and Kensal                                                      574,000
Kingsbury and Kenton                                                 402,000
Wembley                                                                     1,796,000
Willesden                                                                    190,000
Sudbury Town                                                             15,000
(Neighbourhood Forum with adopted Plan)  

Total                                                                          £3,000,000 (Rounding)

Fuller information on each area HERE

Click bottom left corner for full size PDF.

The Council's consultation on the Neighbourhood CIL now closes on May 30th. Readers may wish to comment on some of these issues. LINK


Paul Lorber said...

It might be revealing to find out which projects were rejected. I know that one for upgrading pavements certainly was - after all spending over £10 million of public money on the unnecessary steps for Wembley Stadium us clearly much more important than fixing local roads and pavements - that is clearly tge view of Labour Councillors.

Anonymous said...

Brent Indian Association Mural Round 2 2017/18 £20,000.00 What? £20,000 for Mural?

Anonymous said...

I'm also keen to know the details re this. I hope it'll be visible from the road for all the public to enjoy!

Padma Vibhushan said...

That is Huge Amount for Awards.