Tuesday 29 May 2018

The Memory Lounge, for people with Dementia and their carers, launches on June 11th at Preston Community Library

The Memory Lounge launches at Preston Community Library on Monday June 11th with special guests The Wrinklers plus talks, information and refreshments.

This is the only group in the area offering a three pronged approach to helping those in the area who are a) concerned about their memory, b) are a carer, and c) affected by Dementia.

The Community Library us on Carlton Avenue East, just off Preston Road, opposite the Preston pub. Nearest station Preston Road (Metropolitan line).


Paul Lorber said...

Good luck to our Friends in Preston. I am sure the Preston initiative will be as successful as the one at Barham Community Library in Wembley. It is encouraging that it is the volunteers who saved Library Services for their local communities who are taking the initiative and doing great work for local people. IfvBrent Council are still thinking of redeveloping the Preston Library site they better start planning for suitable temporary premises so that these vital support activities can continue during redevelopment

Unknown said...

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