Friday 4 May 2018

Labour tightens its grip on Brent, Tories reduced to 3, Lib Dems wiped out

With all election results in Labour has 57 seats on Brent Council, Conservatives three and Liberal Democrats and Greens none. Three more seats will be contested in the postponed Willesden Green election.

Labour took Brondesbury Park from the Conservatives but the Tories managed to hold on to Kenton.The Brondesbury Park result was keenly awaited because of the controversy over false rumours about the death of one of the Conservative candidates.  In the event the lowest Labour vote was 1660 and the highest Tory vote, for Carol Shaw, was 1567. John Warren, the leader of the Conservative Group lost his seat.

The Dollis Hill election was expected to be close between Labour and the Lib Dems but the highest Liberal Democrat, Alison Hopkins, at 1,355 was substantially behind the lowest Labour candidate who collected 2,100 votes.

In Kilburn John Duffy only managed 412 votes with the top Labour candidate gathering almost six times as many votes.

In Queens Park  the Women's Equality candidate had 626 votes against the top Labour vote of 1,862. Of the three Green candidates, PoppyStockbridge was top at 519 votes.

The result is likely to have an impact on the contest for the Labour Party leadership due to take place at tomorrow's Annual General Meeting.  I was unable to make much of a dent in Muhammed Butt's vote in Tokyngton but the turnout was the lowest in the borough.



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Scott said...

Just 21% of the electorate voted for Labour, yet they attained 95% of the seats.
They need to feel humble when considering this underwhelming endorsement from the people of Brent and step up their game to ACTUALLY challenge austerity & the narratives of government if this is something they are against.

We also need creative and innovative solutions to protect our services and the worry of John Duffy being gone - is who will stand up to ensure that our tax money is spent appropriately?

Anonymous said...

If the delayed Willesden GREEN ballot follows the trend shown by Kensal GREEN (where Sam Hopkins finished fourth for the GREEN Party, behind the three Labour candidates, but ahead of all the Lib Dems and Conservatives) then that will be a good result.

Anonymous said...

Ever had the feeling that your vote counts for nothing? Our system guarantees Dictatorships can be voted into power by a minority and kept there against the will of the majority.