Thursday 13 September 2018

Brent Planning Committee: Wembley Stadium steps approved. Windmill hotel flats approved.

As expected Brent Planning Committee last night approved plans for the replacement of the Wembley Stadium pedway by steps LINK and the application for flats to be built at the Windmill Hotel on Cricklewood Broadway LINK. One councillor was not happy about the latter being referred to as a 'Trojan Horse' by an objector. The promised replacement pub lacks viability because it has no kitchen to prepare food.

The application for flats on the site of the MOT garage, St Pauls Avenue, NW2 was deferred because of concern over  light, amount of affordable housing and  access.

Full Kilburn Times report here:  LINK  There is no convincing evidence of how this wil benefit the daily lives of local residents although Community Infrastructure Levy is supposed to do just that.

Quintain's 'Masterplan' czar could only quote ending 'visual severance' from the Brent Civic Centre! 
"If Wembley Park was only about going to and from the stadium then the pedway has done the job for the last 44 years.  But Wembley Park, the whole ethos of the master plan and the council’s ambition is about wider every day life and at the moment it does create a visual severance from the Civic Centre to the park.”

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