Friday 7 September 2018

The future of children's play facilities in Quintain's Wembley development

There have been rumours circulating about the loss of a 'park' in Wembley. Some said that flats were to be built on Chalkhill Park which has only been open for a few years.

On investigation I realised that it was the children's playground opposite the London Designer Outlet where the building of flats was to take place. The playground has been very popular with local parents as a source of relief and relaxation when shopping with young children. It was always envisaged as a 'meanwhile' facility, meaning it occupies the site temporarily prior to development.

It is to be hope that the fact that it is valued as a community asset and one where parents and children representing a cross-section of Brent's diverse population can mix freely will encourage Brent Council and Quintain to consider alternative provision.

Amar Dave, Brent Council's Strategic Director for Regeneration and Environment told Wembley Matters:
In 2014 Quintain proposed the provision of the children’s play area together with some other public realm improvements as a “meantime” use of the land before it comes forward for development (through the existing outline consent) in the future.  The reference number for that application is 14/1089 [ LINK ]. 
Play and recreational facilities had been secured in other consents but hadn’t come forward yet.  Some have now been delivered (the smaller play area in the park to the north of the Civic Centre) and others are to be delivered later. 
We were very supportive of the provision of the play area as an interim use of the site – much better than keeping it hoarded up until the development comes forward. 
In terms of future provision other play areas are to be provided.  The Southern part of the new larger park (towards the eastern end of Engineers Way) includes a play are of commensurate size to the existing play area.  It also includes a Multi-Use-Games Area.   
When the plot within which the meantime playground is developed, a smaller play area will be incorporated in this location.


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