Saturday 8 September 2018

Brent Event Day Parking Enforcement from 8am for a match that starts at 7.45pm today!

Paul Lorber has returned to the issue of Event Day parking restrictions affecting local residents and community activities as restrictions are put in place today for the England vs Spain match.

The notice says that enforcement will run from 8am today until midnight on main roads and between 10am and midnight in residential areas.

The match does not start until 7.45pm.

In an email to Carolyn Downs, Brent Council's Chief Executive, Lorber says:
As someone who helps to run a Community Library in the Wembley area which serves local people - many of whom are disabled and elderly - I find the tone of these emails unacceptable.

The notification does not state the time the soccer match will start and does not make it clear when enforcement against normal parking will be carried out.

This is important as at a public meeting in 2017 the current Leader reassured Wembley residents that enforcement does not start until 2 hours before the start of the event and ends 2 hours after the event finishes.

He did so in response to anger from residents against the Brent Council for allowing growing disruption to their lives by all day parking restrictions/enforcement while allowing a growing number of events at Wembley.

In view of this any tickets issued on easy event for simple parking infringement within the window specified by the Leader of Council should be cancelled. 

Even more importantly the Council should now clarify its Event Day enforcement policy and advise residents clearly and openly.

In addition, as raised in my earlier email to you, the policy of dispensation (granting of parking permits on event days) for local community groups should be reviewed so that they are treated as religious venues so that they too can go about their normal business of serving local people.

I would appreciate your early reply and confirmation that these issues will now be addressed in the interests of and for the benefit of local people.


Martin Francis said...

Edited comment from a reader:
Martin - Personally I feel there should just be parking permits for residents throughout the borough. The annoying commuters (on weekdays) make it so hard for us to park if we ever leave home. The event day permits give us a rest bite, for those that do not have drive ways. Additionally because Brent council is allowing more and more HMOs on almost every bloody street, those households now have up to 10 cars (not a joke). No driveway for a regular 3 or 4 bed semi detached is big enough for that, and so every one of those cars ends up on the street. Its the age old issue of increasing population density, masking a parking problem with "Those that are in social housing wont be buying cars", but old used cars can be purchased cheaper than an iphone. Brent councils lack of foresight is shameful and the CEO Carolyn Downs and her executive team ALL need to be fired, and replaced with people that live in the borough imo.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, i cannot park my car outside my house any more