Thursday 13 September 2018

Pensioner's kitchen remains flooded 10 days after first reported to Brent Council

Despite contact by a housing officer from Brent Council asnd visit by Wates a power has still not been restored in John Healy's flat on the South Kilburn estate following a flood which has left him wading through the kitchen in Wellington boots. LINK

The problem was first reported to Brent Housing on Wedensday September 5th

John told Wembley Matters last night:
I think the Northern Ireland border issue will be solved before my leak.
John is maintaining his sense of humour but confessed last night that he is feeling 'very stressed out'.

I e-mailed the Brent Council Press Office  on Tuesday outlining the article I had written and requesting a comment. No answer has been received. I rang the Press Office several times this morning. The phone gave a few rings and then cut off.

There is a Housing Scrutiny meeting tonight. I hope this issue at least receives some attention there.

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