Monday 17 September 2018

Help ensure the future of Preston Community Library & comment on redevelopment proposals - consultation tomorrow at the library

Preston Library, Carlton Avenue East Redevelopment Proposal, Consultation Event

Preston Library, Carlton Avenue East, Wembley, HA9 8PL

Brent Council is consulting on the future of the site of the former  Preston Library, off Preston Road, Wembley.

 Following the Labour Council's announcement of the closure of the library a huge campaign was launched to keep it open, even if that meant it being run by volunteers. For a time the building, after modification, was used by 'bulge classes' for Preston Park Primary. When it was no longer needed for that purpose community volunteers, helped by a more sympathetic Labour adminstration, set up a community library at the site on a short term licence which has been very successful putting on classes and film nights in addition to the lending library.

This consultation is about plans to redevelop the site and about the potential for incorporating a social space that could house the library or other community activities.

Consultation ends at 5pm on October 5th 2018

The consultation document is embedded below. Click on bottomn right hand corner to see full size.

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