Friday 14 September 2018

Brent Council seeks injunction in order to tackle 10 day leak flooding pensioner's flat & leaving him without heating

Brent Council this evening made the following statement about the case of John Healy, the pensioner who has been in his flat without heating for more than 10 days following a leak and subsequent flood:
As soon as we were informed that there was a leak in a property at Dunbar House, South Kilburn, we responded immediately. We attended the property immediately and identified the source of the leak. 
The leak is affecting a few properties in the block including Mr Healey’s home. We made contact with all the affected residents, and offered them temporary accommodation where necessary and other support. Our Neighbourhood Housing Officer for the area has been in close contact with Mr Healey and also offered him temporary accommodation and other relief which he declined; he has stated he is happy to remain in the property.
The resident of the source property is now denying further access, despite repeated attempts to gain entry. As this is a tenancy breach, we are in the process of obtaining an injunction. This will allow us to access the property and stop the leak, as well as carry out the required repairs.
We apologise for the inconvenience caused to the affected residents, and this anti-social behaviour from the resident at the source property is completely unacceptable. In order to gain entry, we need to follow the legal process which is why it has taken longer to resolve. Our immediate concern is to stop the leak and to offer ongoing support to the affected residents. We are also taking appropriate action on the tenant who is obstructing the repairs.”
Asked for his reaction John said:
Just for accuracy my surname is Healy and it is 'William Dunbar House'.  Over the period they have blamed three different tenants for refusing access to the source- all three preventing the repair seems a bit fishy to me. 

I told my housing officer that I was ok on Wednesday evening as I thought that the repair would be done the nest day, based on the information that the council now knew the source. They did not know it immediately as the council statement claims.

Had I known that they had not even started I would at least see what decant was on offer. I am not happy to remain in the property but I will not move anywhere until they tell me the details. I have several hidden  illnesses and impairments, so I need a suitable property that meets all my needs before I can move on to it. I am on PIP for both the Daily Living component and the mobility component. This is a DWP benefit and proves my level of disability as they have strict eligibility criteria.

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