Thursday, 13 May 2021

Couple retire from Barnhill Post Office after being an essential part of the community for 42 years


Barnhill  Newsagents and Post Office, Grand Parade, Wembley

'Community Hubs' are trendy these days but the Barnhill Post Office and Newsagents on Grand Parade, Wembley Park has been an unassuming community hub for 42 years where Pravin and Sheila Gadhia have served the local community quietly and diligently.

They have written to customers informing them that they have sold the business and will be retiring later this month.  In the letter, headed 'A Tough Farewell',  they say that their business has been created through the support of customers and this is embedded in its underlying culture.  They assure their customers that the new owners recognise that the price they are paying for the business includes 'a premium for the goodwill that has been created through our built, trusted and good relationships with our existing customers, and so they are keen to ensure that they protect and value by working hard and keeping our customers happy.'

Pravin and Sheila will stay on for a while as part of a transition agreement and this will give a customers, many of whom they know by name,  to voice their appreciation.

The couple conclude their letter by thanking their customers for 'continued support which has truly touched our hearts in no way that words can explain.'

In a Wembley Park that has seen many changes, particularly in the last few years, Pravin and Sheila have been part of the cement that holds us together.  They will be greatly missed.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sheila and Pravin,

It is really sad that you will now be moving on, you will be missed by the many. As for being accused of being cement, no, more like one of the the rocks underlying our community.


Martin Francis said...

Comment sent by Gaynor Lloyd via email:

May I thank Martin for marking the retirement of this smashing couple from the Post Office at 6 Grand Parade? I just hope that Sheila will be able to persuade Pravin to take a bit of rest and recreation (& be able to take it herself). It is so deserved by both of them for years of true service. And we all know how precious proper public service is. I have had the joy of knowing them since 2008, when Barnhill Residents got me involved on the vexed issue of the redevelopment of the much lamented playing fields into ARK Academy. I have always been struck by their kindness, incredible hard work, and sheer loveliness as human beings They will indeed be missed in the Post Office and the community!