Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Barham Park developer will make new proposal to replace two existing houses with new houses

George Irvin, the developer who had proposed a block of flats to replace the two modest house n Barham Park has confimed via Facebook that he has withdrawn the current application and will prepare a new one that will be for two new houses on the site.

He posted an email he had sent to Brent Council Planning Department on Paul Lorber's Facebook page today. I was hesitant in accepting that it was genuine because of the many typos but Brent Council has confirmed the withdrawal.

Ref: 21/1106 - 776 + 778 Harrow Road


Further to your email and our discussions yesterday on 18 May 2021, I confirm that we will now withdrawal the above mentioned application today.


In order to overcome the concerns you have highlighted, a new application will be prepared for two new houses to replace the existing two houses on site.


The main reason for this is keep all the people in Brent we work with, The Local Community, Brent Counsellor, Sunbury Town Residence Association and the Barham Park Trusts happy, as all the feedback with have been receiving is they would prefer us to replace the two existing houses with two new better ones.


Regards George


George Irvin FInstD

Zenastar Properties Ltd


Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should remind George Irvin that the Covenants on the two properties specifically prohibit any development and the Trustees and Council Officers are now aware of this thanks to the Sudbury Court Residents' Association.

Anonymous said...

If he wanted to keep us all happy, why not consult with us before making his application for that hideous block of flats???

Anonymous said...

In response to the previous comment at 12.02

Classic case of "Money Talks and Bullshit Walks".

I have no doubt that George Irwin knew full well of the Covenants and previous withdrawn planning apps and so did his agents who failed miserably to do their research and would be well advised to learn the 6P Principal.

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.