Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Cricklewood B&Q development - the consultation they didn't want you to know about? 2 weeks to respond


NorthWest2 Residents Association are drawing attention this morning to a poorly advertised new consultation on the controversial  development of the B&Q site in Cricklewood, close to the border with Brent.

Full details are on their website HERE

Main points:

New consultation now open – tell them again!


Barnet council have launched a new consultation, running for only two weeks from 17 May to 31 May 2021.


Barnet are not advertising this consultation. There are no notices around the site. They haven’t written to the thousand objectors or emailed them either. They didn’t tell us. We only found it when we looked on the website.


Will our thousand objections still count?


They had a thousand objections already in 2020. Maybe someone’s hoping that those can be ignored now that there are pretty new pictures and fine words to “prove” our objections aren’t justified.

Our view

Our view is that these are just as we thoughtoverbearing, overwhelming, out of keeping with Cricklewood and not even providing any social housing.


Tell Barnet Council what you think HERE


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