Wednesday, 5 May 2021

URGENT MESSAGE: Brondesbury Park folk - you have a chance to elect a Green councillor tomorrow. Vote for Sheila Simpson!


Sheila relaxes in Roundwood Park after campaigning against Centenetakoevr of GP surgeries at Willesden Centre

Brondesbury Park ward  voters have an additional Brent Council by-election poll tomorrow, please vote for our candidate Sheila Simpson. It is time to elect more councillorswho are free to hold Brent Labour to account - however much it annoys them! (cf Anton Georgiou)

The by-election was caused when the Labour councillor Kieron Gill resigned having been suspended from the Labour Group for voting against the Brent Council  budget.  Labour people with political principles tend not to last very long in Brent when they act on their principles and lose favour with 'The Leader.'

You have a choice of electing yet another Labour councillor (Number 59) subject to the diktat of  The Leader or a truly independent person with the ability to make up her own mind based on green principles.

This is what Sheila says:

I've lived in Brent for over 25 years, working in the NHS and Local Government to support families and children’s well-being and believe well-run public services make a real difference to the quality of our lives. 

I am offering voters the opportunity to register their support for green values. People want to be part of the solution, to build a fairer, healthier society, but know they can’t do it without good government. Our Council must be firmly challenged to deliver on promises made to us. Protection of our public housing, trees and green space is urgent. Traffic and public transport must be managed well to cut harmful emissions, reduce carbon footprint and provide cleaner, safer, greener and quieter neighbourhoods.


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