Sunday 19 June 2022

Don’t miss “A Refugee’s Journey” – Thursday 23 June at 6.30pm - a free online event from Brent Libraries for Refugee Week 2022.

 Guest post by Philip Grant



With refugees, and the fight against Priti Patel’s “appalling” Rwanda policy in the news, the free online talk, “A Refugee’s Journey with Gulwali Passarlay” on Thursday 23 June, from 18.30 to 19.30hrs BST, is a timely way to mark Refugee Week.


Most of us would find it hard to imagine what it’s like to face the hardships that refugees and asylum seekers often have to go through to reach sanctuary in a country like ours. They do not always get a good welcome, but Brent has a good record, and this is what our Library Service says about this event they are hosting:


Join the author of best-selling book “The Lightless Sky”, Gulwali Passarlay, a dedicated advocate, humanitarian and spokesperson for refugees and asylum seekers across the U.K.



In his talk, Gulwali shares his captivating story of struggle, danger and resilience and how he miraculously survived the harrowing year long journey from Afghanistan to the UK, on his own, after being separated from his brother.’





To get more details, and your free tickets for this online talk, please use this “link” the Brent Culture Service Eventbrite page.


Philip Grant

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Philip Grant said...

It was an excellent talk, and one which gave plenty of food for thought.

Apart from refugees from Hong Kong and Ukraine (and much of the effort the latter has been done by individuals rather than the Government), Britain has a very poor record in helping refugees and asylum seekers - despite the claims you may hear from Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and their friends in the media.

Germany receives as many refugees and asylum seekers in a month (and processes their claims quickly) as this country does in a year.