Monday 13 June 2022

Person in police custody after hammer attack on ground floor windows of Brent Civic Centre. No injuries reported. Glass declared safe pending repair.


Front window panes of Brent Civic Centre were damaged on Friday morning after being hit with a hammer.

A Brent Council spokesperson told Wembley Matters:

An individual was taken into Police custody on Friday morning after breaking the front window panes of Brent Civic Centre with a hammer. We can confirm no one was hurt, however any further detail would be a matter for the Police.

We are working to book in repairs to the front of the Civic Centre and expect to be able to claim costs back through our insurer. The glass has been surveyed and is safe to remain in the meantime.


Anonymous said...

“Hammer attack” sounds a bit dramatic and as written no people were harmed so this is was intentional. Anyone know what this protest was about and how Brent Council harmed thisperson so much they felt this was their only recourse

Pete Firmin said...

If it takes Brent as long to repair that window as it does others, it'll be like that for some time. But I doubt it.

Martin Francis said...

Anon at 10.08 There are rumours that it was someone frustrated at not having a housing issue dealt with but unconfirmed.

Anonymous said...

Housing issue? Was he frustrated at Brent's failure to carry out repairs, so let them know what it felt like to live in a home that needs repairing???