Saturday 6 April 2013

1,000 Mothers March for Justice next Saturday

From Taxpayers Against Poverty - your support will be welcomed

At 11am on Saturday April 13th, 2013, London Mothers and their supporting friends and family will march for justice in opposition to the economic hardship being forced upon them by the government’s decision to make low income mothers the prime target for cuts, and they will march for a change to fair and just polices. 

The march is organised by Taxpayers Against Poverty with the support of the Haringey Trades Council, Unions, the  Anglican, Methodist, Roman Catholic Justice and Peace, United Reformed Church, the National Pensioners Convention, the Turkish, Kurdish and Congalese communities and many local organisations,  

“Mothers claiming benefits suffer for their children. They go without food to feed them and struggle with the misery of rent, council tax and utility arrears. The coalition has added to their financial hardship. There is nothing fair about the current welfare policies. " said the Rev Paul Nicolson

A high proportion of people affected by coalition's welfare policies in Haringey and other parts of London are from black and ethnic minority communities. The policies could lead to greater feelings of powerlessness, alienation and greater social tension which were some of the underlying reasons for the 2011 riots. 

Mothers on the march will be campaigning for justice. It is part of a continuing unrelenting campaign to inject economic justice into the policies of political parties by demanding affordable housing, rent controls, the living wage, benefits linked to prices, full benefits and rights for disabled people, and the recognition of mothering and caring as work. 

No one can understand why families are under attack in this way at the same time as millionaires and corporations are getting tax cuts.

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