Friday 5 April 2013

'A breath of fresh air' and 'a real person' to fight it out with Dawn

The fight for Labour's nomination for Brent Central looks set to gain national prominence as The Voice LINK profiles the three front runners: Patrick Vernon ('a breath of fresh air'), Amina Ali  ('a real person') and Dawn Butler for whom The Voice gives no details except that she is a former MP.  An indication perhaps of the paper's assessment of the candidates.

Neither of the local candidates, Cllr Zaffar Van Kalwala or Sabina Khan are mentioned, nor the leader of Islington Council, Catherine West LINK said to have been approached by some local Labour Party activists.

The Voice quotes a local Labour source as suggesting the selection process could begin as early a September which could see the selection process for Labour council candidates running concurrently. A number of veteran councillors are expected to stand down.

What might be an excellent testing ground for the parlaimentary as well as the council candidates would be getting out on the street for a by-election and seeing how they go down with the electorate.

With a year to go before the council election won't the Reverend David Clues currently enjoying life in Brighton do us all a favour and resign, opening the way for a mini-contest in Dudden Hill?


Anonymous said...

Word is that lots of councillors won't be seeking re-election and that Labour are desperate to select new faces who are untainted by the library closures of this administration. Powney's departure in particular will be a cause of much celebration throughout the borough.

Martin Francis said...

My sources suggest that Powney will seek renomination but perhaps not in Kensal Green. So watch out.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting for Dawn. I think she was was a good MP, and was certainly an inspiration for the young people I work with. All the best Dawn.