Saturday, 1 November 2014

ACV status for Stonebridge Adventure Playground to be decided next week

The Kilburn Times has been supporting the campaign since the start
The Brent Play Association's application for Stonebridge Adventure Playground to be made an asset of community value is due to get a response from Brent Council by November 5th.

ACV status gives some protection to such assets but does not prevent development.  However, it can be taken into account by the Planning Committee and clears the ground for a community bid. It makes a clear public statement that the facility is valued by the public.

Certainly the playground can easily demonstration that it has been a community asset for decades and many personal testimonials demonstrate its value to a community.

Front: Martin Francis (Green Party) and Dawn Butler (Labour) united in defence of the playground
The playground's fight for survival has received much support including that of Dawn Butler, Labour's parliamentary candidate for Brent Central, despite Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt insisting that he remains 'neutral'. I am supporting the fight both as a Tustree of the Brent Play Association and as Brent Green Party's spokesperson on children and families.

A community asset then...

and now


Anonymous said...

Great campaigning front page headline from the BKT. the sort of issue a community newspaper should be getting involved in.
Could they follow up 'Let Them Play' with another header next week about the activities of certain high-ranking Brent Council individuals and the disrepute into which their actions have brought Brent.(See Private Eye this week).
A suitable headline could be 'Make Them Pay'.

Toby Chambers said...

Keep up the fight Brent Play.

My autistic son had the benefit of attending the adventure playground during summer vacations managed by Brent Play. It is a community asset that should be protected for future generations and not simply lost.