Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Butt told: 'This is a line you should not cross!' as Stonebridge fights back

This is the second part of a recording of Mo Butt's meeting with supporters of Stonebridge Adventure Playground who are trying to stop its demolition by Brent Council. I am full of admiration for Doug Lee as he launches an impassioned defence of the playground and its work. This is how a community fights back!

The last consultation on the plans takes place at Stonebridge Primary School from 5-78pm tonight. There is still time to email Brent Council with your views or visit

The consultation closes on November 17th 2014


Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed with our Council Leader.I swear he is clueless.
he said the is "12000 people on the housing register"that is incorrect.
The are actually approx 4500 applicants, currently on Brent Council housing register Band A -C.Active housing applicants.
If he can't get that right I don't hold hope for in any other issues frankly.
if a decision has not been made.Why is he advocating against plsycenre.He should be taking the feelings and views of residents/users and should say I support this,worthy cause I will try my utmost to keep it open.A pledge.
If he does not support play centre in than he should say so.Simple.

Anonymous said...

Xmas competition: Myron Jobson from BKT is in the background, he's leaving soon, possibly his last Butt assignment.
Either: Write the words for a 'Thinks' bubble above his head.
Or: Say what he's writing down as Butt speaks.
Prize: Signed copy of 'How to Win Friends and Influence People' by M.Butt, C.Davani and C.Gilbert (Chancer Press, 2014)

Anonymous said...

THINKS: ' Hallelujah! In one week's time. NO MO' BUTT !

Anonymous said...

'Within 3 days Wembley Matters will reveal that Butt is LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH'