Thursday, 6 November 2014

Brent Council guilty of unfair dismissal in another Employment Tribunal case

Brent Council, still  facing unprecedented anger over the Cavani racial discrimination, victimisation and  constructive dismissal case involving  Rosemarie Clarke has lost another Employment Tribunal case.

Marion Hofmann has won her case against Brent Council for unfair dismissal.

The Judgment ordered that Marion was to get all rights and pay as if she had never been dismissed on 18th February 2013 and as if she had been in continuous employment. This include contractural and pension rights.

She is to be re-engaged in the role of Sustainability Officer (Communities) from 30th December 2014.

The papers were signed on October 31st and the Council has two weeks to let the court know if it is going to appeal.

Her dismissal caused anger amongst Brent environmentalists  and led to Francis Henry resigning from the post of Chair of Brent Sustainability Forum, a post he had held for 6 years. LINK

In a letter to the Kilburn Times today, Paul Lorber, former leader of Brent Liberal Democrats, claims that Brent is going to abolish the environment department and delete the post of strategic director of environmental services.  This comes just two weeks after Brent Council leader Muhammed Butt appointed George Crane lead member of the environment, after the resignation of Cllr Keith Perrin.

Ongoing speculation about the reason for Perrin's resignation will now centre on the abolition of the department.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the environment department has to go in order to make the savings needed to fund the expansion of the legal department and the creation of the new post of Strategic Director of Appeals Against Employment Tribunal Judgements.

Alison Hopkins said...

The daft thing about the abolition of the post is that Sue Harper is actually competent, efficient and a decent person.

Oh, wait...... maybe that's the clue?

francis said...

@WembleyMatters Martin lets hope @Brent_Council do the right thing, they do not appeal and @FrancisPHenry and Marion can continue @susbrent

Anonymous said...

@WembleyMatters Martin lets hope @Brent_Council do the right thing, they do not appeal and @FrancisPHenry and Marion can continue @susbrent

Anonymous said...

Is Brent Council imploding?

Anonymous said...

When good people give up the fight it is a very big clue!

Anonymous said...

Shoo-in for Ledden?
But potentially too many cases for just one person to deal with, surely?