Sunday, 16 November 2014

Breakfast time queues of Romanians at Brent Civic Centre to vote in Presidential election

There were queues from 8am this morning as Romanians now resident locally queued to vote in the second round of the Romanian presidential elections.

Traffic slowed to a crawl between Wembley Park and Wembley Central during the morning as the election queue coincided with the new Wembley Market and the opening of the ice rink.

Turnout was reported to be up to twice as high as in the first round of the election.

If only Brent residents were so keen on voting!


Anonymous said...

Come over here, voting as if they owned the place, clogging up the pavements to engage in participatory democracy at levels we can only dream of .............I'm voting UKIP, or at least I would be if I could be arsed..............

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

That is amazing,lol.

Is the civic centre the only polling station for Romanians in london?

Martin Francis said...

No, there was also voting at the Embassy.