Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Stonebridge Adventure Playground gets Asset of Community Value listing but watch this space

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Campaigners for Stonebridge Adventures Playground are celebrating the granting of Asset of Community Value to the facility which has served local children and their parents seince the 1970s.

Brent Council plan to close the playground in order to extend Stonebridge Primary School and build housing. The full staffed and well-resourced playgtround which also runs special projects for children with special needs and disabilities would be replaced by a much smaller unstaffed 'kickabout' close to the main road.

As well as recognising the value of the playground to the community the listing also opens the way to a community bid for the site.


However, this extract from the letter granting ACV status also indicates (last para) the possibility for an appeal which I would expect to come from the Planning Department - basically one part of Brent Council appealing to another part of Brent Council.  Something to carefully monitor.

A consultation process is currently underway on the Council plans with the latest meeting tonight at the The Hub in Stonebridge 7-9pm. Bonfire Night is perhaps not the best night of the year to consult with children and their parents!

Extract from Brent Council's letter signed by Cathy Tyson

I am satisfied that the nomination made by the community body falls within Section 90(3) and under section 90(4) the Council is therefore required to enter the land as nominated on the Council’s list of assets of community value.

In accordance with Section 91 of the Act I hereby give notice of the inclusion of the Stonebridge Adventure Playground with the boundary shown on the maps provided by the nominee on 9th September 2014 on the Local Authority’s list of Assets of Community Value.

The consequences for the land and for the London Borough of Brent as owners of the land of the inclusion of the land on the list of assets of community value are that

.        i)  The land will remain on the list of assets of community value for a period of 5 years unless the criteria for listing are found to no longer exist during an earlier review. 

.        ii)  It is open to the Council to remove the entry if for any reason the council no longer considers the land to be of community value. 

.        iii)  A restriction will be entered on the Land Registry and entry will be made on the Local Land Charges Register. 

iv)Under s95 of the Act the owner (London Borough of Brent) must not enter into a relevant disposal of the land unless certain conditions are met. These include notifying the Council in writing of the owner’s wish to enter into a relevant disposal of the land and complying with any moratorium periods on disposal.

v) A relevant disposal of listed land is ineffective if it is a disposal which contravenes S95. There is an exception to this in paragraph 21(2) of the Regulations.

The owner of the land (London Borough of Brent) has the right to ask for a review under S92 of the Act. A request for a review must be made in writing before the end of 8 weeks from the date of this notice. Such request should be addressed to the Assistant Chief Executive, Brent Council, Brent Civic Centre, Empire Way , Wembley, HA9 0FJ

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