Monday 11 July 2016

All parties in Brent: We will not tolerate hate crime or any kind of attack based on ethnic origin

Brent Council tonight unanimously passed an all-party motion (from London Councils) in the names of Cllrs Butt, Warren, A, Choudhary, Maurice, Tatler, Kelcher, Shahzad, Carr, Mahmood, and Hoda-Ben:
We will not tolerate hate crime or any kind of attack against people because of their ethnic origin. We are proud to be a diverse city and we will stay that way. We will continue to work together for the security and prosperity of all Londoners.
The movers made heart-felt speeches often based on their own and their family's experience. Cllr Mashari struck a practical note when she said it was clear that in Brent the majority of the victims of hate crime were Eastern Europeans. She said that the Council and councillors had to reach out beyond their comfort zone to make contact with the Eastern European community and should ensure that it did not take as long to provide services for them as it had for the Somalian community.

Cllr Carr, Lib Dem, supported the motion but warned that at the saem time we should protect free speech and  'the right to offend.'

Cllr Butt said that he wanted to send a positive message to those who were worried about their status after Brexit: 'Everyone is welcome in Brent, we value your contribution and will stand side by side with you.'

A rare and welcome show of unity.

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Philip Grant said...

At last! Something that Brent Council and I can totally agree on.