Tuesday 19 July 2016

Wembley meeting seeking justice for Anis Sardar

From Justice for Anis Sardar campaign.  Readers may be interested in this local meeting in the wake of the Chilcot Report.

Justice for Anis Sardar campaign event

Chilcot stated that the 2003 iraqi invasion was NOT the "last resort"
There was "no imminent threat" from Saddam - and the intelligence case was "not justified"

Who will be brought to account for the loss of innocent lives?

Anis Sardar is the only person in the UK to be convicted for taking part in the Iraqi insurgency, yet there was no direct link to his charge

Find out how the Iraqi invasion led to Anis Sardar to risking his life to aid the Iraqi people and now is being punished for it

Gareth Pierce (Lawyer)
Asif Uddin (Spokesperson)
Abid Sardar (Anis's Father)

also spoken words of poetry by Talha Ahsan (twitter: @talhaahsanesq)

Date: Saturday 23rd July 2016
Time: 1.30-5pm

Church of the Ascension
The Avenue,
Wembley Park,

Refreshments will be provided
Free parking available onsite and nearby roads


Facebook event page


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