Tuesday 12 July 2016

No Brent Council ban on glyphosate but use to be kept under review

The commonest brand containing glyphosate
Cllr Southwood responded to a question on the use of the the herbicide glyphosate from Cllr Colacicco with the following written answer (as printed on order paper with no closure of quotation mark).  Wembley Matters raised concerns about the issue HERE

The Council uses Amenity Glyphosate for weed control across its sites, and has no current plans to ban its use. However, I appreciate that there are public concerns about this and will continue to keep this policy under review. Whilst studies have concluded that “under present and expected conditions of new use, there is no potential for it to pose a health risk to humans, Im aware of more recent work that links contact with humans to a type of cancer. Clearly, this is to b taken very seriously.
Proper application techniques are vital for keeping people working with it free from harm. Our contract with Veolia includes an ongoing commitment from them to review herbicide application in accordance with EU recommendations and our own environmental policies. This will be achieved by constantly seeking new and improved herbicides and more efficient methods of application whenever these might become available. We work closely with them to ensure that all latest guidance in terms of safe working practices is being followed and have reiterated the importance of this to them in light of public concerns.

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