Sunday 24 July 2016

Further questions regarding Brent Council and the Cara Davani case

Cllr John Warren, leader of Brent Conservatives has responded to  Philip Grant's recent guest post on the Cara Davani case, which Philip sent to the leaders on Brent Council,  LINK with the following additional questions, copied to all Brent councillors:

1. Why did Christine Gilbert,as line manager, not take disciplinary action against Ms Davani following the conclusion of the Watford Employment Tribunal case? The judgment LINK handed down was " brutal " against Ms Davani......members should have a read.

2.Did the Gilbert/ Davani / Butt relationships have any impact on this saga?

3.How will future Brent disciplinary cases be affected by the way Ms Davani was not disciplined? Will not Brent staff be able to use this example...and ask how action can be reasonably taken against them in the light of the decision on Ms Davani. Surely this raises the bar very high as to when the Council can take disciplinary action against any member of staff?

4.Did the Council consider,or not ,whether Ms Gilbert had acted reasonably in her decision not to initiate disciplinary action against Ms Davani?

5. Should Brent 's auditors include this Rosemarie Clarke/ Cara Davani case as a " public interest " report in the final accounts for 2015/2016?

   I have written this week to our auditors making a detailed argument that this should be included .I urge anybody else who agrees with me to write to.....


6. Why did the " Pavey HR review , " which was supposed to learn lessons from the Rosemarie Clarke case, not even look at the case. How are you supposed to learn lessons .... if you ignore the case that was responsible for the review in the first place!

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