Thursday 21 July 2016

Raft of South Kilburn proposals on agenda at Monday's Cabinet Meeting

Reprinted from the Cabinet agenda papers for the benefit of South Kilburn residents.  Deputations to speak at the meeting can be requested. Apply to  0208 937 1359

This report updates members on proposals to deliver a new Enterprise Hub and proposes the re-development of the Carlton and Granville Centres as a location for the Enterprise Hub and deliver 95 new home with additional community space.

This report relates to Hereford House and Exeter Court (being part of ‘Phase 3A’ of the South Kilburn regeneration programme and as shown edged red on Appendix 1).

This report seeks the Cabinet’s approval of a procurement strategy for an architecturally led multidisciplinary design team for the comprehensive redevelopment of Hereford House and Exeter Court, being part of Phase 3A of the South Kilburn regeneration programme. 

Additional documents:

This report sets out the approvals required by the Cabinet to further progress this project originally within Phase 2b of the regeneration programme.

This report sets out proposals for Salusbury Road Car Park, Cullen House and adjoining land comprising of the spur road, Keniston Press, TfL offices at Premier House and the Falcon Public House (together defined as "Site 18"),  which forms part of Phase 2b of the South Kilburn regeneration programme and as shown edged red on Plan A at Appendix 1. This development has been stalled since 2012 due to safeguarding of the site by High Speed Two Ltd (HS2) for a proposed ventilation shaft and auto transformer. The Council has recently successfully secured the release of this site from HS2.



Pete Firmin said...

Fascinating - the papers say the ward affectred by the Salusbury Road car park scheme is Kilburn. It is in Queens park! I can't find where it says what they intend to build on that car park ("site 18"). And, anyway, there is supposed to be a review going on into the whole `regeneration' scheme. So why pu8sh ahead before that review has taken place?

Pete Firmin said...

Have searched all over for appendix 1, which is supposed to give the proposals for `Site 18', the Salusbury Road car park, and can't find them anywhere. I did notice that every document here says that only Kilburn Ward is affected, even though the car park is in Queens Park ward. I can't believe that officers don't know this is in Queens Park (it has been pointed out to some of them often enough). Maybe they have done this in order to avoid alerting Queens Park Residents Association to these plans, since at the Parliamentary Committee looking at the siting of the HS2 vent shaft they were under the impression that only a medium-rise block would be built on this site. They may be in for a rather rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

I do remember the original plans and the actual design that was consulted on with Queens Park Residents at the time. I went to a consultation session. As time has past I assume they will consult again. I believe the residents association is in support of the redevelopment and was involved in the HS2 petition as the development would improve the station area. Here's the original planning docs