Sunday 3 July 2016

Lack of necessary consent may delay Lucozade Powerleague development at Kingsbury High School

From Barry Gardiner MP (Labour Brent North). This indicates that the planning application may be delayed while Kingsbury High/LucozadePowerleague seek the necessary consents from the Education Funding Agency. The commercial operation has been opposed by residents of Roe Green Village.

 Barry Gardiner MP has received confirmation1 from the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, Lord Nash, that the proposed development at Kingsbury High School by Powerleague Fives Ltd, t/a Lucozade Powerleague, does not possess the necessary legal consent from the Education Funding Agency and that the scheme also jeopardises the government’s commitment to tackle childhood obesity.

The response follows Mr Gardiner’s request to the Secretary of State for Education seeking confirmation as to whether the school had sought the necessary consent prior to the proposal to dispose of this land and the submission of the planning application2. The Minister confirmed it had not.

Mr Gardiner said:

Many of my constituents are extremely concerned about the way in which the proposed Powerleague Fives scheme at Kingsbury High School has been handled and we now find they have not obtained the necessary legal consent. It also cannot be right that schools may be required to advertise the very products we are attempting to restrict children’s access to. Allowing soft drink manufacturers to advertise on school campuses flies in the face of the government’s stated commitment to reducing childhood obesity and is at odds with Brent Council’s Obesity Strategy – especially given Brent’s worrying levels of childhood obesity and diabetes are far higher than other parts of the country.
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