Sunday 24 July 2016

Leaning on a lamp post at the corner of the street watching all the rats go by

A bemused resident watching a painter on a cherry picker painting a street lamp black in South Kilburn asked what was going on.

They were told, 'The Council want ALL street lights in Brent to be black.'

It is not clear what the budget for this is but South Kilburn residents are still waiting for rat traps on the estate to be baited.

Perhaps more of a priority?


Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Surely, rats are 'nuisance neighbours' and when bad landlords want tenants to move on, nuisance neighbours can help lever them out?

Dude Swheatie of Kwug, expressing a personal point of view

Alison Hopkins said...

Dear heaven. So they can find money to paint the blasted lamp columns whilst ignoring the foot deep pothole round the corner from me.