Friday 29 July 2016

Children and Chips - Brent report weighs into the issue

Locals will be familiar with the crowds of secondary school children outside Wembley's fast food shops at the end of the school day and the all pervading smell of fried chicken and chips that wafts across the upper decks of buses as hungry adolescents cram in calories on their way home.

Brent Council has carried out a study of chip consumption  LINK and found that the largest portion represented 86% of a sedentary 10-11 year old girl's daily energy requirement.

The study found that students from schools within 400m of fast food outlets were more likely to eat takeaways at lunchtime, after school and with their families.

Brent Council is looking into the possibility of controlling the number of fast food outlets within 400m of schools.

Obesity at Year 6 in Brent is 24% compared with a UK average of 19%.

In a press release accompanying the report the Council said:
In the fight against childhood obesity in Brent, the council, via a mystery shopper, visited 23 local takeaways that were close to secondary schools and purchased chip portions for sampling. Each portion of chips was weighed and calorie, fat and salt levels were analysed.

Frying practices, chip cut, additional salt, oil type and packaging were also observed. 19 out of the 23 takeaways served a portion of chips with more than 500 calories, with four larger than 1000 calories, 50 per cent of an adult’s recommended daily intake (RI).

Four fast foot shops salted the chips without asking the customer and added more sachets of salt to the carrier bag encouraging more salting. Out of all the outlets observed only one effectively implemented the ‘shake, tap, hang’ technique to remove excess oil.

Four outlets served chips containing trans fats, with one portion sold containing three times an adult’s maximum recommended intake. Trans fats area huge health concern due to their association with heart disease and strokes and have been deemed no longer safe for human consumption in the US.

Clr Krupesh Hirani, Brent Cabinet Member for Community Well-being said:
The results from the study are cause for concern however we want to work with the fast food outlets in Brent in a bid to get them preparing, cooking and promoting their food with a healthier customer in mind.

The study did however highlight the commitment shown by takeaways who have achieved the Healthier Catering Commitment award. On average portion sizes were smaller, contained less calories and saturated fat, and did not contain trans fats.

Food businesses who adopt the scheme display the Healthier Catering Commitment logo on their business windows, doors or walls. So look out for this sign when you are next visiting a fast food outlet or café in your area and if you can’t see it – ask them why!
Summary of the report:


Anonymous said...

1. Close down all current fast food outlets
2. Re-open all of them on the top floors of the proposed new skyscrapers in Wembley High Road with stair access only (no lifts).
3. Wheelchair-users to get drone delivery at ground floor.
Problem solved.

Mike Hine

Martin Francis said...

Teens craving chips will get past that in no time. Already heard of takeaway banned to pupils by school where kids text their orders and go round the back to pick them up.

Drones will be delivering to the play ground while senior management with supersized butterfly nets rush around trying to confiscate them.

Katharine Birbalsingh will of course get her deputy to shoot them down with anti-aircraft missiles. (The drones I mean, although...)

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps the playgrounds can be give a wire mesh roof with a mesh size small enough that only one chip at a time can be manipulated through and the height of the "roof" high enough that it would entail dragging a long ladder to the scene and having to climb up and down it to retrieve the booty. If done with sufficient ingenuity perhaps we can achieve energy expended is in excess of calorific intake fromm the chips, particularly if assault course included in the scheme. Punishment if caught = 10times through the assault course with senior member of staff with power hose from staffroom window knocking them down as they go through the course and propelling the forbidden food packages away from the pupil's reach just as they were about to teach them. Can also be videoed and shown at assembly !!!;!

Anonymous said...

I see a use for bullshit Boris's second hand water cannon here.

Anonymous said...

Brent Council take note from Mike Hine of how to effectively address equality impact...........