Sunday, 25 September 2016

Alarm bells should ring! 'NW London NHS 'Transformation Plan' to be discussed on Monday at Brent Civic Centre

From Brent Patient Voice LINK

For the first time since the local NHS and Council bureaucracies started drawing up the NW London Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) in January of this year, they are going to allow members of the great unwashed British public to discuss it in a face to face meeting on 26 September.

Cllr Krupesh Hirani, Chair of Brent’s Health & Wellbeing Board, responding to a BPV Steering Group Member, writes:
I am hosting a Public Engagement event where anyone can attend on Monday 26th September at 6pm (Brent Civic Centre – Grand Hall).
The Health and Wellbeing Board is on Thursday 6th October at 7PM (Brent Civic Centre – Boardroom). 

The Plan claims to be able to save £1.3billion from the NW London health budget by 2020 and at the same time make lots of improvements to your care. Do you believe it?

Meanwhile in another part of the wood the Chief of NHS Providers (hospital trusts around the country) says “the NHS can no longer deliver what is being asked of it for the funding available.” Observer 11.09.16. It seems he has not heard of the STPs – or does not believe in them.


Anonymous said...

It's good that the power of healthy scepticism and ridicule has rendered the word 'consultation' too dangerous to use if you want to avoid general falling about and splitting of sides. Let's now do the same for its new iteration, 'public engagement'.

Mike Hine

Nan. said...

Are we the great unwashed British public because of the inadequate length of social care home visits?

Nan. said...

I was unable to attend what I understand to be a distinctly lack-lustre meeting at the Civic Centre yesterday.

Questions particularly relating to the financing of this latest Department of Health wheeze, remain unanswered and Simon Stevens' (Chief Exec of NHS England) reckless plans went unchallenged.

Simple Simon met a Patient
Quizzing STP data
Said Simple Simon to the Patient
I'll show you all that later

Said the Patient to Simple Simon
Show me now your budget
Said Simple Simon to the Patient
Indeed I have not got it

Anonymous said...

Went to this meeting yesterday evening and felt it was worthwhile. It's a great shame that we were not allowed to be involved at an earlier stage but it appears not to have been the fault of local level. The panel was prepared to listen to our input but it would have been nice to have been supplied with a copy of the draft document and prior to the meeting. I just hope that we will genuinely be included in the shaping and the development of this service as we are an important cog in the determination of our own health.