Friday, 23 September 2016

Fancy some lopping in the woods at the Welsh Harp on Saturday?

This is the work that will be undertaken tomorrow:

1. Cutting back hawthorn and blackthorn with sheers and loppers along the path to the education centre so children do not have to walk on the road. After we have cut that area back, we are hiring a contractor to strim the area so children do not have long grass going up to their knees whilst using the path.

2. We are going to be cutting back vegetation near the garden centre which is blocking signs. Drivers cannot see the 10mph speed limit sign as an example.

3. We are also going to be moving one of the log circles nearer to the classrooms as well as the one furthest away from the classroom is too far away for the younger years to use.

Contact Billy Coborn
07557 970 812


Wembley Resident said...

Don't think I will be able to give time this weekend. Do you have plans set up for forthcoming weekends? Often helpful if we can have a bit more notice. Thanks.

Martin Francis said...

Yes. The problem with a rapidly changing blog is that items get buried quickly which is why I publish nearer the date. The next session is Sunday October 23rd. I suggest you and anyone else interested email Billy and ask to be put on the mailing list.

Maggie V said...

Thanks Marrin. I can now put the October date in my diary now and try to keep it clear. For anyone who hasn't done this kind of thing before it usually turns out to be a social event with some exercise thrown in rather than fearful toil and you feel quite satisfied with yourself when you look and see what you as part of the team have achieved.

Maggie V said...

Apologies Martin. Saw the typo on your name after I had passed the point where I could correct it.

Martin Francis said...

No worries. I went along today and it was as you describe - sociable, working at own pace, lovely people. Tea & coffee supplied. We managed to clear a path from the green gates to the Environmental Centre so children will be able to walk safely rather than on the road. Very satisfying.