Tuesday, 6 September 2016

What employees say about working for Brent Council

A survey of Brent Council employees that will be reported to the Equalities Committee presents a mixed picture showing that although there are areas of strength there is still much to be done. Below I present the 'Headline' findings and those relating to employees with a disability. The latter is particularly concerning. The full report can be accessed at the end of the article and deserves close scrutiny

It will be discussed at the Equalities Committee on Monday 12th September, 6pm, at the Brent Civic Centre.

Figures in brackets are the Council average

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Anonymous said...

Of course this doesn't include the outsourced employees. A visit to council premises - the Civic Centre or the Willesden Library/Cultural Centre - shows how stark the situation is. Almost every security guard is a black or minority ethnic man, while every cleaner us a black or ethnic minority woman. All outsourced, many on zero hours contracts, many treated appallingly (yes I have spoken to several of them), and none of them included in these surveys.