Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Plans for Press House, Neasden to be decided at Planning Committee tonight

Press House (via StreetView)
Proposed replacement
Plans for Press House, Press Road, Neasden will be the main item at tonight's Planning Committee LINK

Press House stands out from the mainly two storey suburban housing that surrounds it and has always been a significant local landmark.

Officers argue that the replacement building, despite the height of one of the towers, would fit in better with the surrounding area.

They also argue that the accommodation offered is superior to that provided by the current 51 short-term accommodation units.  37 of the 74 planned units are claimed to be affordable - 26 affordable rent and 11 shared ownership.
The table below shows the proposed housing mix. This comprises 18% of the total number of units as 3-bed family accommodation, representing a significant increase in family accommodation when considering that none of the existing 51 flats on the site have 3 or more bedrooms. In addition, a proportion of the 2-bed units accommodate 4 persons which represent a significant delivery of family accommodation to meet identified local need. 

Unit Type
Number of Units
Percentage of Units %
1Bed 2 Person
2Bed 4 Person
3Bed 5 Person

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