Friday, 30 September 2016

Education the focus for campaigning this weekend

The National Union of Teachers will be out in force this weekend campaigning for the best education for all children and arguing for investment in schools and measures to reduce child poverty and inequality.

Saturday also sees a Labour offensive against the government's proposals on grammer schools with journalist Owen Jones and Tulip Saddiq  Mp for Hampstead and Kilburn due to campaign at Kilburn tube station from 11am on Saturday.

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Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group said...

Meanwhile, what children learn formally and informally is very much dependent upon their socio-economic position. Kate Belgrave reports:

".... I’ve just been talking with a woman I know well. She is 22 years old and has a four-year-old daughter. This young woman has about £20 a week to live on at the moment. Here’s a list of the way things are going for her with benefit claims at the moment. This could be anybody’s story, too. God knows I hear plenty similar.

"In the past month or so, this young woman has:

"– Had her child tax credit stopped, purportedly because she has another person living with her. She has never heard of this person. In her life...."

And of course there is the 'Individual Isolation' doctrine of Michaela Community School [sic] of Wembley that punishes the children of parents too poor to pay school meals on time -- as if poverty and the siege of poor people via various forms of harassment and inappropriate removal of benefits for the most spurious of reasons is not isolating in itself. And of course there is unofficial censorship, such as mainstream mass media's absolute non-reporting of the Green Party response to Labour's workfarist 2008 'welfare reform' Green Paper.

As I wrote recently: "Parodying what the 17th Century Quaker William Penn wrote of 'true religion', I argue that true education leads people not 'out of this world' but enables them to live better lives within it — whether in paid employment or not!"

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