Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Frolicking dog exposes King Eddie's Park drainage failure

A Wembley Matters reader has supplied this footage of flooding earlier this week in King Edward VII Park, Wembley.

A large area of the park was out of use for a long time when Brent Council spent more than £350,000 on drainage and other works. LINK



  1. So that's another £350k of our Council Tax down the drain?

    1. Hardly, if we had drains in king eddies this wouldn't happen. A lot of the water is attributed to people living around the park who have concreted over their front and back gardens, without permeable bricks that allows surface water to drain away and be absorbed naturally in to the ground. Currently this water has nowhere to go and therefore drains to the weakest point which is into the park, its natural escape. The Council and Planning Department are fully aware of this problem and have known for years what's causing this. They should make all homeowners and landlords replace hard standing concrete with permeable solutions.

  2. Concerned resident23 November 2016 at 20:23

    I can't help wondering whether this flooding on the lower part of King Edwards park is not related to what is going on the diametrically opposite side of the hill I.e. the deposition of very large amounts of concrete beneath the massive Wembler Park development and the blockage of sub-surface watercourses which were some of the features of water drainage for the hill in between. According to what I was once told there used to be many little streams within the farmland that was originally there a couple of centuries ago. Has this ever been sufficiently looked at?

  3. Ahhhhh ....It was worth wasting 350 thousand quid just to see that little doggie having such fun.

  4. So what did they actually do? Certainly not solve the drainage problem! It would be really interesting to obtain a copy of the groundworks schedule to see exactly what works were carried out? and a breakdown of costs i.e plant hire, labour etc and how they managed to spend £350,000 to create 2 football pitches and cricket pitch? and not solve the problem! I can hear the answer from here it goes along the lines of "Oh we had too much rain" er yes Councillors England is renowned for it's rainfall. What is quite obvious is the present storm drains cannot cope, and new ones should have been installed in the park, which clearly is not the case. Back to the drawing board! or perhaps to a claim on the insurance or company who I assume would guarantee the work?

  5. We're not all fools24 November 2016 at 21:28

    The fact that the storm drains in so much of Wembley can no longer cope of course is due to so much of the ground now being covered in concrete: and who allowed this to happen. That's right, BRENT COUNCIL and it's planning department!!!!!