Tuesday 15 November 2016

STOP PRESS: Harrow School Sports Hall Planning Application deferred tonight


From Harrow Hill Trust

11 Nov 2016 — The planning meeting is set for 6.30pm Wednesday 16th and the planning officer is recommending approval. Please contact the Councillors below, especially those of you who live in a Ward represented by them and especially the Labour Councillors as they hold the vote via the Chairman. Please remember they only hold their position of representing you by a few hundred votes. We just want the Sports Hall built approximately 60 metres to the North using a brownfield option which has never been shown or debated with residents. It is a clear fudge of planning policy and the Metropolitan Open Land ‘openness being maintained’ is pure spin. Please ask them to listen to 1,450 voices and come along to the Harrow Civic Centre to show your concern. Many thanks.

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Quality open Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) will be lost if the Harrow School replacement Sports Hall is relocated, and enlarged to include a conference suite, as proposed.  Residents and visitors access to appreciate the current wonderful views is restricted to footpaths and London's Capital Ring walking route and they will be blocked or blighted by the proposed positioning. This includes the views of our only Grade II Listed Park which was set out by Capability Brown in 1768.
The solution is to redevelop the existing brown field site, use more subterranean construction and a green roof/ walls. Also to use a temporary sports 'Bubble' and the nearby John Lyon swimming pool, during construction.
The conditions for developing on MOL have not been met and the public have not been consulted on the MOL aspects. If we can’t protect a site which is MOL, in a Conservation Area, an Area of Special Character and alongside a Grade II listed Park then what can we protect?

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