Wednesday 9 November 2016

Parkinson's sufferer Hakeem M Haleem granted limited right to remain after campaign

Following a petition signed by nearly 23,000 people and lobbying of the Home Office Hakeem Muhammad Haleem has been granted limited right to remain without recourse to public funds.  Hakeen suffered from vascular dementia, Parkinson’s disease, heart problems, angina, diabetes, vision limited to one eye, and of very poor quality, and has in the past had a stroke. There was no one to care for him except his son and daughter-in-law. The Home Office wished to deport him to Pakistan.

Today Mehwish Nadeem wrote to supporters:

Right in time for Christmas's Day and New Year, we have been told by the Home Office that the original refusal of leave to remain has been reconsidered in light of the fresh evidence provided and that “subject to final security checks and enrolment of biometrics, Hakeem M Haleem will be granted limited leave to remain without recourse to public funds.”

This is a wonderful result and *THANK YOU* for all your vital and overwhelming support empowering this campaign. Every single one of your messages and comments have meant the world to M Nadeem and Haleem, we are all grateful beyond words.

We will now be planning to already present this Petition LINK to the Government urging them to change this law which has caused M Nadeem and Haleem and so many others like them, such heartache and suffering.

When we told Haleem of the Home Office decision to grant his leave to remain, he said through tears:

I feel like a weight has been lifted off me. I want to thank everyone who has supported me and God bless them all. It has made such a tremendous difference to me. It’s too wonderful.

His daughter in law, M Nadeem, thanked us all and added: “Words cannot explain how I am feeling. I am overwhelmed. It is the best Christmas's Day & New Year present we could have hoped for.”

As Haleem's M N, I think what this amazing campaign has shown is that family values have won after a long battle. The unequivocal strength of sentiment expressed by all of you, shows that the public does not support Immigration Rules which do not allow family members to care for and look after their vulnerable relatives. We are now hoping that the Government is listening to you and will reverse the change to the current Adult Dependent Relative Rule.

For now, let's all celebrate this amazing joint effort without which, Haleem and M Nadeem would never have achieved the best Christmas's Day and new year gift of their lives.

We still need your support to allow him British Nationality.

Thank you,

Mehwish Nadeem


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