Thursday, 17 January 2019

Brent grants permission for 8 extra events at Wembley Stadium up to May 2019

Fans leaving Wembley Park station for the stadium
Tottenham Hotspur will be able to play 8 additional matches at Wembley Stadium following a decision by Brent Planning Committee last night.  Up to three events will be up to 90,000 capacity and five at a 62,000  between 15th January and 12th May 2019. The 62,000 capacity crowd will now be able to use the upper tiers of the stadium.

Originally 17 events had been requested of which 10 were capped at 62,000 and 7 up to full capacity.

The Planning Committee approved the plans unanimously after receiving assurances about mitigation measures. 62 residents had objected to permission being granted along with a local residents association. Wembley Traders Association supported the application.

A substantial number of objections were from people living in the new Quintain development and the rest were spread fairly evenly in the area around the stadium.  Committee members expressed concern about the impact of mid-week evening matches at Wembley Park station when commuters and fans combined. Cllr Maurice said that there was over-crowding at Baker Street station on such event days. He was told this was outside the remit of the Planning Committee but that TfL had not submitted any concerns. Furthermore, when he told the Committee about the concerns of a fellow councillor in Harrow about the impact on Stanmore, when fans parked there and came into Wembley via the Jubilee line, he was told that this should be taken up with Harrow Council.

The Committee were told that action could not be taken against local residents who let their drives out to fans but that action was being taken over 'rogue parking lots', particularly in the industrial estate bordering the stadium. One appeal had been successful and the Council were taking it to the High Court. Officers did not mention that they were taking action against local schools that let their playgrounds out for parking to earn much needed additional income at a time of cuts.

If Spurs move to their new stadium early in the period the Committee were told that the additional events granted could not be transferred to another organiser.

Note: During the meeting I tweeted concern that the toilets at Wembley Park station have been closed for some time on the recommendation of the Metropolitan Police because of 'anti-social behaviour.' My requests for information on when they will re-open have not been answered.

The recording of the Planning Committee Meeting can be found here


Jaine Lunn said...

No changes there then. It was never in doubt that permission would be granted, despite all the objections, most of which came from the occupiers of the new flats built very close to the stadium!.
Clearly the people who have chosen to live on top of Wembley Stadium believed all the bullshit sold to them about Wembley Park being a bustling, diverse, vibrant community and didn't do any research on how the area changes on Event Days lmfao. The phrase "Buyers Beware" comes to mind.

Jaine Lunn said...

With any luck Borussia Dortmund will knock them out of Champions League and their new Stadium should be ready for use by end of March, and then Spurs can go back to being Tottenham's problem. As Abramovitch has thrown his toy's out the pram for not getting his Visa agreed, he stated he would not be expanding Chelsea's ground so Wembley residents will not have to endure another premiership team using our National Stadium as home ground for another 2 years. Irrespective we are in for a very busy February 5 games in total mostly at weekends with only 1 midweek on 13th, 2 will be nearly full capacity as one is Champions League and Carabo Cup Final which looks like being Spurs v Man City.
We can always pray that the "Beast from the East" returns with lot's of snow which will certainly affect Traffic and Supporters attending matches