Friday 10 July 2020

Brent Council must attend mediation with Bridge Park campaigners before July 20th High Court hearing

The High Court Hearing to hear litigation between Bridge Park campaigners and Brent Council LINK will take place on July 20th.

Am Emergency Notice on Brent Council Forward Plan gives the Chief Executive as the decision maker and states that before July 20th a date has to be fixed for  mediation between the parties:
The hearing in respect of the litigation will commence on 20 July 2020. This was uncertain until the conclusion of a hearing on 6 July 2020. No date for the mediation, which is intended to take place prior to the hearing commencing, has yet been fixed. The date of the hearing has been fixed by the Court and the mediation process requires that the Chief Executive be in a position to reach a binding agreement with the other parties to the litigation, hence the need for the usual period of notice in relation to the Forward Plan along with call-in to be waived.
Next week will be busy with the  recount for the Barnhill by-election taking place in the Royal Courts of Justice  on July 17th and 18th. The Chief Executive was the Returning Officer for the by-election.

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