Friday 3 July 2020

Developers' free for all: Stop Dominic Cummings Stripping Away Our Rights - Sign the petition

If you think developers are getting away with murder in Brent at the moment - you ain't seen nothing yet if these proposals go through.

This petition has been launched  recoognising the damage that will be done to our urban environment if planning controls are limited even more.


TO: Boris Johnson 

Please don’t strip back the right of communities to a say on what gets built in their area. Letting property developers do whatever they want will lead to badly designed and poorly located housing. We need smarter solutions to the housing crisis


Wave goodbye to your right to a say in what’s built in your local area -- if Dominic Cummings gets his way. We’ve got just weeks to stop him.

He's working on a plan to rip up the rules for new buildings in England -- and replace it with a US style scheme. It could fill neighbourhoods with shoddy flats and ugly office buildings.

But Cummings’ plan won’t affect every community the same way. City streets, not the countryside, will be the focus -- so people of colour will be far worse affected.

Cummings is trying to sneak this plan through as part of a coronavirus recovery programme -- and Boris Johnson just announced the first of the changes.

The full outrageous plans will be published within weeks. If no one seems to care, these changes will become law before we know it.

Dominic Cummings’ reckless US-style plan would take power over your local area away from expert planners with extensive local knowledge -- and give it to giant new “development corporations”

Remember, this is the same government who brought in a planning loophole that has allowed developers to build new flats without windows. Too many people are already trapped in poor quality housing.

But more than a million homes given planning permission in the last 10 years haven’t been built. So ripping up England’s planning rules to give power to profit hungry developers won’t fix things.

England’s planning system set for shake-up
Financial Times (paywall). 10 June 2020.

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