Wednesday 22 July 2020

Missing public documents leads to deferral of Claremont School's artificial sports pitch application

Readers will know I have quite frequently drawn attention to links to planning documents on the Brent Council website that do not work and documents that seem to disappear.

Now tonight's consideration of Claremont School's application for a floodlit articicial grass sports pitch with flood lights etc has had to be deferred due to supporting documents not being available on the public website.

The application follows the defeat of an application for a commercial installation at Kingsbury High School and is ahead of one that is due to come from Queens Park Community School.

Many school students submitted comments in favour of Claremont's application while local residents submitted objections on grounds of light and noise pollution and traffic problems.

The meeting is going ahead at 6pm with several other applications beginning  and can be viewed on-line:

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