Wednesday 1 July 2020

Tributes paid to Bibaa and Nicole as Fryent Country Park is reclaimed by the community

It was windy on top of Gotsford Hill today so sound quality leaves a lot to be desired

The community came together today at a Memorial Service on Gotsford Hill organised by Holy Innocents Church, Kingsbury for Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry.

It was strange to be able to walk through the park for the first time since the murders. The meadows were golden, ripened by the sun, and meadow brown butterflies flew up ahead of me.  It was heart warming to see a cycling couple with their young child relaxing under one of the massive oak trees.

I could see the crowd at the top of the hill in the distance and then as I got closer there were signs of the police search with painted numbers on the ground as various points.  Even closer the hedgerows had been hacked away by the search teams and lined the edge of the meadows.

From the summit you could see lines of people, singly and in couples and groups, some with their dogs, climbing up the many paths to the top of the hill and once there exchanging subdued greetings.

I am no longer religious but I know people have been crying out for the opportunity to come together, despite lockdown, to come together and affirm community and their love for the park, but most importantly to stand united against the dreadful events that has taken place there so very recently. 

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to be there - thank you for sharing the video of the Memorial Service. R.I.P. Bibaa and Nicole.